The benefits for you


Why drone

proofing your radars?

Drones can represent a threat to military, homeland security, people and facilities.They can be used to do some illegal recordings, prepare an attack, carry drugs, weapons or explosives. They are available to anyone, from hobbyists, pressure groups to terrorists and hostile troops.



Drones come in various sizes or types (rotary winged or fixed winged, electric or gas powered…) which makes their detection more difficult. They are launched close to their target, which give you a very short time to make a decision and fly slow and low.

They are growing concern that legacy radars hardly detect. As conflicts in the world are spreading, having your radars drone proof is paramount. The best method for this, is to test your radar capability when some ‘some surrogate threat’ drones are flown within your radar range.  During the operations, you will detect, locate, track and classify the threat.

 We operate worldwide.

The service we deliver

TargetDrone, a leading european drone operator, provides an end to end service to radar manufacturers, radar operators or governmental bodies. You will first tell us about the threat you encounter, and we will propose some drones, which radar cross section and flight characteristics suit you best. We will then get permissions to fly according to local rules and organize the operations on schedule and according to flight plans we will have agreed.


Therefore, you  have more time to look after your systems or your customers. You or your customers are welcome to attend the flights,

as it improves the credibility of the tests.

From your office you have live access

to the telemetry parameters of the flights.


Then you are given the flights logs that you need.


So you know exactly the location, the speed, and the altitude of the target.


We keep operations as safe as possible

and endeavour to limit any waiting time.


Flight path


Radar wave




we deploy all types of drones

From fixed winged to rotary winged drones, either fast, or slow, we can deploy aircrafts that correspond to your threat.




Flying wing


The benefits for you

The benefits for you. With TargetDrone, you are assured of having :

Access to a wide range of drones

of the mass, speed, cross section surface,

type (either fixed wing or rotary wing)

and endurance meeting the identified threats

Full compliance with local air regulations and laws. TargetDrone will obtain permission from all the many stakeholders involved in drone flights. We know that typical unmanned aviation services needs to interface with up to 10 organisations like : airfield operators, air traffic management, local authorities, civil aviation authority, land owners…

Flights delivered on location and

on schedule, according to planned and flight paths. TargetDrone deploys some well trained operators and reliable equipments. Risks will be reduced to a minimum

with respects of all the commitments

to stakeholders.

Mobilisation time of your radars and operators reduced to a minimum. We know that these are costly ressources. Your clients are welcome

to foresee the operations, which gives

credibility to the tests.

Access to all the flight parameters :

live access of the telemetry data,

then the flight logs.

Where ever you need to carry out some tests or demos to your clients, we will work with you to :

Bring the most cost effective solution

for your need

Provide first rate equipment and expert teams

Deliver a service that evolves with your needs  keeps you up to date with the latest technologies.

Understand your requirements

TargetDrone is sponsor of the Military Radar Conference

Military Radar

25 - 27 August, 2015 - Park Plaza Victoria,

London, United Kingdom

We are located

nearby Paris


2, rue Hérault

92190 Meudon


Tel : +33 6 68 22 30 70

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